Mobile Development Trends In Poland

As tablet and smartphone usage increases and broadband coverage expands in Poland, mobile business applications are gaining in popularity and becoming more important. Mobile development Poland and specifically mobile applications have become vitally important for Polish businesses.

Companies are developing their own mobile apps while using mobile interpretations of traditional systems. Two factors are responsible for this, the ever expanding broadband coverage and the growth in the usage of smartphones and other mobile devices. Companies have had to develop their own apps due to the fact that Polish companies have been slow to support them.

With these IT architectures being created, significant changes are required. Mobile development Poland is unable to integrate the new and old systems because of no efficient APIs. Since almost 63% of the Polish population are accessing broadband internet, over 40% of the almost 16 million population use mobile devices to surf the web for an average of 1 hour 49 minutes each day.

Smart phone use of the web increased by 277% compared to 39% worldwide, while the use of laptops and desktops decreased by 40% in 2014 for Polish users. Mobile device web visits increased daily. It is expected that by 2017, Poland will reach the same level as Denmark which is almost 50% with the use of mobile devices.

Companies perceive that in mobile development Poland, the workspace is becoming less physical, and more of a data accessing place of communication and application tools. These assist in the better performance of companies daily work load. Mobile devices are now accepted legitimate business tools. Companies tend to create new and innovative working methods for offering or selling their products, rather than redo old systems.

Many more channels have been created, today customers can view products on their smartphone before physically going to the retail stores. More apps that improve employee performance are developed in response to current trends. These are supported with investments by large companies because their performance improving power.