Essential Tips for Describing Space Using Interior Design Elements

All experienced interior designers London are conscious of the four basic elements of interior design. These include, colour, texture, line and form. These elements should be taken into account whilst describing a room. While some rooms will have different textures and lines, it is imperative for the descriptions of a room to take into consideration the impression of the above mentioned elements as discussed below.
  • It is crucial that you consider the element of line. Observe the lines in the room that have been formed by the ceiling and walls. In the event that your house has high ceilings, you will realize that there will be more vertical lines than normal. This will give your room an enhanced vertical feel. Alternatively, you may achieve diagonal and curved lines, adding more interest into your room by relating to the element of line.
  • You should also consider the element of form in your interior design London. It is essential to determine whether the lines in the room form a rectangular room, square room or oval room among other shapes. It is however not unusual to see a room containing more than one form, including an L-shaped room.
  • Take note of the room’s colour: The colour of the room is arguably the easiest element used to describe a room. It can also be easily changed in the event of discontentment. While describing a room using colour, you will want to consider whether the colour is dark, medium or light. Sometimes a room will have a mixture of colour tones. For instance, blue can be blue green, such that it appears more yellow. Blue can also be mixed with red to give a purple appearance.
  • Observe the textures of the room. A room’s texture is expressed through your fabric choices in the draperies, upholstered furniture, walls, curtains and the wood furniture. For instance, your wood furniture could either be polished or roughly hewn, which are extremely different textures.

Top Interior Designers is not an easy task. Choosing appropriate elements of colour, line, texture or form can be extremely overwhelming. It is therefore essential that you engage the services of seasoned interior designers London for professional assistance that will allow you to get your desired results

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