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Read This Before Starting your Interior Design Business in London

You may enjoy staging your home and ensuring the decor of your personal space perfectly matches your design requirements, however this does not necessarily mean you will be successful if you start your own interior design business in the London area.

Check out these 15 pitfalls that you could face if you do plan to run your own interior design business:1. If you don’t hold professional interior design qualifications or extensive experience working in this area you will struggle to find customers when you start off in interior design in London.

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Five Top Risks of Interior Design

As a new interior designers London, motivation and passion drives you towards achieving your dream career. You probably have the creative side of it right, but what about the business risks we all like to assume? Here are the top five risks of interior design you ought to know and avoid, so you can be successful:
Wrong Colours
You may love bright colours but your clients detest them. There is nothing wrong with bright colours or dull colours; however, a major risk one is likely to encounter is ending up with hues that don’t coordinate well. Sit down with the client and understand what colour scheme they love best. Additionally, study colour schemes and practice different hue combinations on your designs to become better.